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FALL 2022

My name is Alexa Young


It has been my honor to work with UNM’s Fall 2022 innovative and creative BAIA graduating students.  BAIA students challenge themselves not only through the completion of demanding coursework, but by designing their own program of study, a challenge they have chosen to describe as ‘crafting your own path.’   While some of these paths may correspond to existing career goals like musical theater or set design for film, in many ways these four students are well positioned to craft future careers for themselves that are entirely new. Their collaborative offering to the community this semester, an interactive, immersive public event at UNM's ARTSLab, hints at the kind of creative paths that may be forged by these talented artists.  For example, the collaborative design and execution of an interactive multimedia and multidisciplinary experience that gives agency to audience members and encourages active participation is an artistic discipline that is still in its infancy.  I look forward to following the professional accomplishments and achievements of these emerging talents for many years to come.


Andrea Polli PhD, MFA

BAIA Capstone Faculty

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